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Larry Hamm <LDHAMM@...>

Airheart offers both types of seals now (DOT 5 or Mil-H-5606). I'm trying to determine which would be compatible with the Mil-H-83282 synthetic fluid mentioned in an earlier post today. It looks like good stuff, and since I'm working on brakes now, I may as well use it.

Thanks again for mentioning that brake master cylinders on Quickies should be the non-reservoir type. I had some Matco MC-5's I was going to use, but hadn't thought about trying to add fluid later. Now I've got the MC-4's and a remote reservoir.
Larry Hamm
Park City, UT

Bob Farnam wrote:

Beware of Dot 5 if you are using the Airheart brakes. It is compatible with
Cleveland or Matco brake systems, but not Airheart (unless they have changed
their seal compounds in the caliper). I tried Dot 5 early in the game (1998)
and had massive leaks develop in the calipers. A switch to aviation red
fixed the problem and I've had no more leaks. I use Matco master cylinders
and Airheart calipers.
Bob F.

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