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Dave Dugas

Hi Bruce and Jeff'
I got a phone call from someone named Bill Rose, who's from the KS area, and he is very interested in this airplane. He said that the owner would only sell it as parts, deregistered etc. etc. I didn't know how to help him or give him any useful info about the FAA hassle that he may be in for. I did tell him that he should get on this list for starters. His e-mail is f4wildroses@....

"Letempt, Jeffrey CW4" <jeffrey.letempt@...> wrote:

I had a friend who tried to buy this airplane about 9 months ago. He had
cash in his hand ready to buy it, but the owner put so many restrictions on
the sale that I am not sure anyone would ever be able to register the
airplane. He would not provide a bill of sale or even disclose the aircraft
tail number. He was so secretitive that you would have sworn it was some
kind of a drug deal.

I do see in the pictures now posted on eBay that you can see the N number,
maybe he realized he would never be able to sell the airplane with such
stipulations. I understand people are very concerned about getting
sued.....if you (not really you) are that worried about it just cut the
plane up and sell off the parts. It sure looks like a pretty airplane.

The airplane is located about 100 miles from my home near Springfield, MO.
Maybe someone can give me a good reason to fly down to Springfield to take a
look at it. I flew about 1.2 hours today....just out boring holes in the
sky with my Dragonfly.

There is a builder on this list who is familar with this airplane and may be
able to provide additional information about the quality if someone is
interested. I am not going to volunteer him, but if you ask he will
probably reply.


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Isn't this Ron Whetstin's TriQ on E-Bay?


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