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just a few more questions so I can complete the Phoenix: (Follow up from Jeff's post)
I have all but unwired the entire plane and traced the wires (the mystery switch goes direct to + power supply for memory power). Reading page 23 of the installation manual (skipped that section because it is wiring in an intercom I don't have but, has system test paragraph). It has fine print that says that intermitant broad casts loss or loss of reception is caused by the automatic squelch overriding transmissions (caused when distant signal bleeds in) Pull volume switch to terminate auto squelch function and resolve the problems

Note: The power problems discussed should be disregarded as well (there is also a sentence that says over, under voltage, powere spik etc will force system to display invalid frequency. Shut off and turn back on to reset.

Is there a common cause that would allow a high rate of distant signals to be picked up ?
Is there a filter or better antenna that would help resolve this ? (have whip now) Would the Dave Morris antenna help cure this ?
Jeff - was the knob out when the reception was lost? CMI (Class C - just up the road ?)

Carb heat:
The carb heat applied, was dropping approx 75 RPMs when engaged. The last operation, the RPMs dropped approx 300 RPM. The recent changes before this were 1) All other run ops were cowl off (except the 1 prior) 2) Just before adding cowling the SCAT was rerouted to ensure excessive heat was dumped overboard.(seemed to be fine 1st time). The only data I can find on the net indicating that could cause RPM loss over 100 is excessively rich mixture.

Any other thoughts for carb heat ?

As always, your help is appreciated,

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