Re: flaps on a Q2

David J. Gall


One can't add flaps to a Q2, the Q2 already has flaps. They're on the front wing. We just call 'em the "elevator" and use them more frequently than regular airplanes use theirs. That, and we call the flap handle the "control stick." Silly, isn't it.

A SuperQuickie is a Quickie (Q1) with modifications including a more powerful engine, usually a Rotax 447 or 503. There's a .pdf file in the files area that documents the whole thing as done by Jinx Hawks and Brock McCaman in the late 1980's. Look for "superq.pdf" at the bottom of the list. While you're there, read all the other good stuff in the files area, and try browsing/searching the archives for other neat information.

Tom Solan had a half-VW then upgraded to a full VW, IIRC. Jon Finley also had a full VW in his Q1.

David J. Gall

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Has anyone ever added flaps to a Q2?

What is a SuperQuickie?
Any idea what engine Tom Solan has in his Q1?

Bill Needy
Pittsburgh, PA

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