Re: Thrust Line & Belly board

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...>


To me "several plys of bid" implies fiberglass. if so, can you give
details? Perhaps you and Bob Farnum could be persuaded to do an
article? ( I believe several people made belly boards from scratch after
QAC went . . . no, even I won't put belly boards and belly-up in the same
sentence. Except I guess I just did. Senility is such a great excuse.)

Mike Perry

At 03:49 AM 3/3/2005 +0000, you wrote:


I made my belly board from several plys of bid to about 1/8"
thickness. At 550 hours of usage it shows no sign of fatigue. I
deploy it for every landing. Board is about 10" x 10".

Jim Patillo

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