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I am sure this is a dumb rookie question, but what does a belly board do?

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You are correct. Not much detail except the layup was from several
plys of fiberglas BID laid on so the each bid was at 45 degrees to
the next one. The whole layup is about 1/8" thick and has worked fine
for years, even yesterday!

Jim P.

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To me "several plys of bid" implies fiberglass. if so, can you
details? Perhaps you and Bob Farnum could be persuaded to do an
article? ( I believe several people made belly boards from scratch
QAC went . . . no, even I won't put belly boards and belly-up in
the same
sentence. Except I guess I just did. Senility is such a great

Mike Perry

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I made my belly board from several plys of bid to about 1/8"
thickness. At 550 hours of usage it shows no sign of fatigue. I
deploy it for every landing. Board is about 10" x 10".

Jim Patillo

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