Re: X wind landings in a Q

Jim Patillo


Maybe you need the seven pack. Juuussst kidding! Take a breath and
relax. Its gonna be summer real soon.

Thanks for the call to Bob to offer assistance at our West Coast
Tandem Wing FlyIn this August. You really are a champion for Quickie
Airplanes and are doing a fantastic job in your new position. It
will be fun to get you out here and chat it up. Looks like we gonna
have another fun Cailfornia weekend.

BTW, just cause your rudders bigger n' mine doesn't mean you know
how to hold your mouth just right for landing in a nasty crosswind.
I bet you didn't have your crosswind boots on either, did you?

Best regards,

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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Like I said. I don't want to start with the rudder thing because
mine came
this way and my point is I'm glad I had differential brakes which
I believe
is part of "setting them up properly". I don't consider my bird
either and it doesn't have some of the six pack mods which I do
advocate. My
experience level has a lot to do with the situation also, as I
have never
been involved in crosswinds of this nature in any airplane. My
options yesterday were limited because the more favorable runway
was down
for maintenance. It would have cut an 80 degree crosswind to a 40
cross wind similar to the situation you described Jim, and I
might not have
written my 1st email in the first place. I only wrote it because
the point
is the airplane & I made a successful landing and it DID handle

Do we need to make the 6 pack a 7 pack? Because I haven't read
which is the
best way to hold my mouth to help my landings. :) Maybe when I
come to
Livermore in August I can get a photo of you and I with the proper
alignment to put in the newsletter.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE
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When Brad and I returned from Oshkosh last year we landed at
Wendover, UT. The runway was 120 degrees and the wind was
blowing 170-
180 degrees at 38 gusting to 42. No problems (standard rudder).
must have been holding your mouth the wrong way. These planes
fine in a cross wind so long as they are set up properly and
already squirly.

It was a bealtiful day over the Sierra's yesterday. Lots of snow!


Jim Patillo N46JP Q200 565 hrs.

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Thankfully I had 150' wide by 7000' long runway. I used it all.
The female
controller came on after I was down and said "That wasn't fun
it? Now I
remember why I don't fly."

I'm impressed with how tough this little bird is. I attempted 3
landings and
all were very hard. I increased throttle with each bounce to
things for the next attempt. The 3rd "hit" I just stayed with
and it all
came out ok. I have tried to go over everything in my mind to
what I
would do differently, but I can't clarify anything, so I either
everything possible to begin with or was just lucky, or both.

While the crosswind was a b*%ch, the gusting was the big issue.
kept power
in to the last moment and when I cut the throttle the gusts
get me. Oh
yeah, I'm glad I had differential brakes! I don't want to start
"bigger rudder" issue again, but My big rudder wasn't enough
yesterday (yes
I have a non standard rudder). Differential brakes saved my
I did
inspect the aircraft when I got back to the hanger and saw no
damage. I did
see paint from my tail wheel bracket on the tail wheel on the
where you
would expect it. You can imagine the forces involved.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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