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Jim Patillo


Its nice to see you're still lurking! And yes you do have a beautiful
plane even though it resides with my buddy in LVK. Bet that RV
doesn't draw quite the attention, does it?


I flew for an hour or so this morning before the rain started again.
It may have been our only hope for sun for another week or two. Hope
you are making good headway on getting Tango Mike back in the air
before Laughlin. The reason I didn't recognize 1TM is because I'm
usually looking at it when I'm upside down! Hope your having a nice
time in AZ. I think we've established who has the fastest plane in
LVK and it isn't you or me.


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Now we see the photo Tom Moore used for the logo on the QBA

A very, very nice plane if I say so myself - thanks to Tom's work
and your help, Jim. Certainly,you're not going to admit that you
are used to viewing 1TM from the tail end, or are you saying that
you are often so far ahead that you never get to see me!

Just checking in from my father-in-laws computer in Phoenix

Brad Olson
N321TM, Livermore

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Whos Q is on the opening page? It looks like a nice one.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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