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Jim Patillo


Brad's report on Laughlin doesn't sound so good. Maybe one of the
organizers should call the tower and see if they will let us take our
planes down the ramp for the 29th, 30th and 1st since the forums are
there. As you know it can get pretty hot this time of year and
standing on the line in the sun makes it difficult for everyone to
see the planes. Going back and forth via shuttle doesn't sound like
any fun either.

Besides the riverboat is a good way to get back and forth. Just a

Jim P.

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I was in Laughlin last week and want to share some info on the

The FBO moved up to the main part of the field and is
operating out of a trailer until their new hanger is built. Aircraft
can no longer taxi to the lower part of the field, and the old
is closed, along with the adjacent gas station/convienience store.
Pat indicates on the Contact! Magazine site that the forums will be
the FBO hanger so they will probably be opening it up for Saturday,
April 30.

The free water taxi still runs from the casino, across the river,
to the parking lot near the old hanger. This water taxi won't get
to the main ramp area - if flying in, you will have to take a cab
or a
hotel shuttle to go from the FBO to your hotel.

Rates for the water taxi up and down the river between casinos have
increased - $5 one way on the weekend. I stayed at the Flamingo and
walked where I
wanted to go.

Brad Olson
N321TM, Livermore

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