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Jim Patillo


I originally had the return from seperator dumping back into my oil
tank but did not want that nasty used "stuff" back in my engine. I
too still have that capability but choose not to use it.

Are you going to Laughlin? If so do you wnat to go with us from

Jim P.
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I have a firewall mounted oil separator (ACS homebuilder type). I
used to take the drain tube into a plastic bottle mounted in a
couple of pipe clips on the firewall. The tube was just a loose fit
in the top of the bottle and it never spilled in flight. Bottle is a
small shampoo bottle I think - about 6" high and 2" diameter.
Draining the bottle became a chore but it was useful to be able to
measure how much oil was being blown out. I welded a 1/4" tube to
the oil filler neck and connected the drain tube to it - no more
bottle emptying required. (Yes, I have read all the pros and cons of
putting the oil back in the sump). The bottle holder is still there
so if I ever want to measure the output I can stick it in the bottle
for a few hours but I prefer the no-maintenance drain to the sump.

Dave Chalmers
TriQ200 N4016G (200 hrs)
Redmond, WA

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Hi Sam,

I do not use the standard seperator sold with the kit but one that
is about 2" dia x 5" mounted behind the baffle on the pax side.
5/8" breather line flows into and through the seperator as usual
exits bottom pax side.

The bottle is mounted in a craddle (large Adel clamp mounted on
firewall with safty wire basket twisted to make craddle)and
just under the dip stick tube. It is easily removable with one
for draining. This works really slick. I dump it every 7-10 hours
and by that time the bottle is 1/4" full.

As far as the bottle goes, I went to a $$(dollar) store and bought
1/2 sized Fred Flintstone microwaveable bottle. (Pretty
huh?) It comes with a nipple and solid top. Throw away the nipple
unless you have some sort of fetish, otherwise keep it. Drill a
in the solid top to accept plastic barbed fitting. Screw barbed
fitting into top of solid cap and attach overflow tube from
seperator. The cap is screwed on tight.

This is a very simple solution to an oil problem (belly oil)with
most all 0200's.

Hope this helps!

Jim P.

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Jim, I like this idea. Just one question - where is the
to? Is the baby bottle sealed tight?



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It was me. I removed the separator and installed a "5/8 to 3/8
inline in the breather tube. The 5/8" line then ran through an
kickback valve into the 4:1 header at the collector. The 3/8"
from the "T" went to a pvc valve installed in the intake spyder.

This set up worked great for about 25 hours then the oil
in the 3/8" stainless nipple at the collector and plugged.
Eventually blowing the front seal, additionally allowing oil to
emerge from places you wouldn't even expect.

As a result, I came up with a new plan and solved the problem
completely. I put the separator back on, still venting a 5/8"
overboard but put the return line into a microwaveable baby
(1/2 size) with barbed plastic fitting and clear 3/8" tubing
separator to baby bottle. This has worked great for quite a
now with no oil on the belly. I installed the baby bottle just
the oil stick and empty it every 10 hours or so. Usually get

Its amazing what a fraction of that can do to the belly of your

I'm very happy with the result.

Jim P.

Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@t...> wrote:
Hey guys,
One of you wrote about taking the crankcase oil breather to
separator and then burning the output oil from the separator
exhaust. My question is how did you do it. Specifically why
the exhaust get into the crankcase?

I also found this interesting tidbit on the web.
Remove the cam gear and any parts associated with the vacuum
drive. The vac pump gear acts like a big fan and will blow
oil of the engine at high rpm.

I'm going to rip off my cam gear now!

Is anybody running without an oil separator?

Mike Q200

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