Re: Q-200 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Ross Christenson <r_christenson@...>

In the zip file is a folder called q2no_vc . Move
this to the aircraft folder in the flight simulator.
You might need to update to the 2004 Flight Simulator.

The more I learn about the Q200 the more I doubt the
accuracy of this plane in the flight simulator.

Ross Christenson
MN, Considering a Q200

--- Ron <rondefly@...> wrote:
Ross, I went to that site and downloaded the file,
Put it in my MS flight
simulator 2000, I unzipped it and it shows up in the
choose aircraft file
but can't find any image. Is there any more I have
to do or maybe it will
not run on my MSFS 2000.

Ron T

Ron Triano N4710P
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