Re: Q-200 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

William Swearingen

You are correct, the aircraft.cfg file for this model is an almost
exact duplicate of the Cessna 182 aircraft.cfg file which means it
is exhibiting the characteristics of the Cessna 182. I also found
another quirky behaviour upon landing, I ended up doing a belly skid
because sometime during my flight I may have inadvertently hit
the "G" key and I had no landing gear on touchdown even though the
model has fixed gear. The model gear was through the runway
pavement and only when I hit the "G" key again, did my Q200 rise out
of the pavement on its wheels. Someone who knows enough about the
flight characteristics of the craft needs to go into the
aircraft.cfg file and update it so it works correctly and then send
it to the rest of us who don't have that information so we can enjoy
the closest approximation of the flight characteristics of the craft
in the simulator. When Larry Kellogg took me on a flight in his
Q200 two Saturdays ago at KPVU, we were about running over Cessnas
ahead of us and he had to execute "S" turns to stay behind them in
the pattern. I certainly want to simulate that and not be stuck
with a volkswagen bug performance in a maserati craft.

--- In Q-LIST@..., Ross Christenson <r_christenson@y...>
In the zip file is a folder called q2no_vc . Move
this to the aircraft folder in the flight simulator.
You might need to update to the 2004 Flight Simulator.

The more I learn about the Q200 the more I doubt the
accuracy of this plane in the flight simulator.

Ross Christenson
MN, Considering a Q200

--- Ron <rondefly@r...> wrote:
Ross, I went to that site and downloaded the file,
Put it in my MS flight
simulator 2000, I unzipped it and it shows up in the
choose aircraft file
but can't find any image. Is there any more I have
to do or maybe it will
not run on my MSFS 2000.

Ron T

Ron Triano N4710P
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