Re: GU vortex generator update

Jim Patillo


If you can call me @ 510-505-7800 I will hook you up with Mark

Jim P.

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Hi Jim,
I sincerely hope that Mark will share his experience, knowledge and
new VG layout with the group. I for one am very interested in
finding out his new layout of minimum VG's that will do the job. For
the last three years I have been waiting to repaint my airplane.
This in part has been due to my search for a better VG layout.
Mark's layout may put my procrastination to rest. Please try to
pursuade him to write and article :)

Jim Patillo <logistics_engineering@m...> wrote:


As some of you are aware, Mark Summers has researched alot of VG
info, looking for the best vortex generator installation possible
a GU canard. His goals were to install the most effective VG in
limited quantity and have the least amount of drag. I flew with him
Saturday and he reports the following;

He has taken off, flown and landed the airplane twice during heavy
rain and found the control responses very effective and now a non
issue. When I flew with him previously without VG's, in
rain it was all he could do to keep it in the air. He stated
previously the stick pressure was so intense he worried that the
elevator tube might break loose from the foam. He did not want to
back to LVK and land in the rain that day so we went to a "dry

He further reports the loss of 2-3 knots at top end, which is good
because he had the fastest Q on the Planet anyway!

He believes this has solved his VG issue. So,I suggested he write
article and share it with everyone, we will see. He is
an "explosives wizard" for Livermore National Lab and kind of quiet
about what he does there and on his Q.

P.S I now have 40 hours on my new B&C starter installation and
haven't had one problem. If you are looking for a lightweight
starter for the 0200, I would again encourage you to try the B&C
cause it WORKS!

Jim P

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