Re: N275CH First Flight Q200

Bruce Crain

You are now the "best man for the job". You've got experience!
My hanger mate has been saying for some time now that I should pull a little power after the wheels come unstuck from the runway to save the engine and perhaps to keep from a lean situation at full power. I had some surging in my Q this last weekend on take off. I put the MT propellor on manual and let it go to 3100 rpm on take off full power. It was surging on take off. I pulled the power out a little and it cleared up. The fuel filters were just checked about 15 hours ago. I believe the rpm that I was running was just to much for the carb to keep up with. Normally I run the MT prop in manual which lets the rpm go to about 2750 (I can set the adjust in the cockpit).
I do have fuel boost on take off.

I landed and took off from my 1st grass runway this Sun! With the tri-gear it was a "piece of cake". The take off was very good! I was worried that the take off would be weak. That is why I set the prop to 3100 rpm. If I had pulled the rpm back a little or leaned out a little I would not have had the surge on take off. I am excited about the possibilities! Grass strip! Who'd a' thunk it!

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