Re: N275CH Fuel pump and bypass

Jim Patillo


It appears you somehow lost pressure on the header to carburator or
something prevented fuel flow or created fuel starvation to the
engine during climb out. How that happened is still a mystery but we
do know similar fuel related things have happened to others during
initial test phases. When we become aware of this anomoly we pay much
more attention, but what about the guys that didn't get a second

Plugged vent line?
Leaking vent system?
Vapor lock?
Loose Cap?
Plugged filter?
Inadequate fuel flow?

It does seem several of these problems would disapear with a fuel
boost pump.

A poll for everyone? How many people have the conventional Quickie
gravity flow system from header to carb and never had a problem of
any kind with fuel flow? How many hours do you have on your airframe?
How many of you would advocate this mod? After all it does add a
level of safety.

Maybe we should make it mandatory to have a boost pump installed and
used for take off and landing.

How many of us would have benefitted if we had done this mod in the
first place?

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200 565 hours

P.S. Geoff Rutledge, I'm glad to hear you're safe, sound and back in
LVK. It must have been very unnerving flying across high mountain
terrain with deep snow conditions and a taped up prop. We'll talk in
Laughlin if you are there. You are indeed a brave soul! May the force
continue to be with you.

-- In Q-LIST@..., "Kevin Fortin" <kfortin@p...> wrote:

I did a flow test yesterday and got just short of 25GPH. That
should cover
things well. (Tail in "flying" position).

I also did leak tests by blowing into the vent tube at various gas
"tightness" levels. The system would hold pressure until I loosened
the cap
well looser than I found it after my flight.

Since I can't find the source of the problem, my instincts tell me
to put in
a fuel pump to get a bit more margin. If anyone that has a fuel
pump and
bypass on their airplane, and they wouldn't mind me giving them a
would you please email me you phone number and I will give you a
call on my
dime. I would like to discuss the components you used.

Thank you in advance,

Kevin Fortin


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