N275CH Piston question

Kevin Fortin <kfortin@...>


Charlie Harris had installed what Terry Sickler thinks is Venolia racing
pistons in N275CH.

I am in the process of taking those out and replacing them with either
"standard" pistons or am looking for another well proven piston that is not
as high compression as the Venolia. Does anyone have any suggestions.

In case you are curious my reasoning here is:

1. Cylinder #1 was right on the bottom edge of limit when compression
tested for the airplane's annual.

2. Terry Sickler said he had burned up either 2 or 3 of these pistons.
( I can't quite remember the number he told me).

3. I knew Charlie was anticipating putting an oil cooler on the
airplane before he became ill. To me this indicates that he was fighting
heat after rebuilding his engine with these pistons.

4. I don't need the additional performance, I want reliability.

Also, does anyone know how to remove the Venolia piston wrist pin retaining
ring? Other than using a Dremel and a cutoff wheel I can't imagine a way.

As always, Thanks in advance,


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