Re: Exhaust System.

Jim Patillo


There's a place in Redwood City that ceramic coats exhaust pipes with
a process called Jet Hot. They wire clean the inside and outside and
coat both sides. They mainly do racing headers but will do airplanes.
My 4:1 cost $75.00 for the full monty. I've done mine twice. It
works very well.

Colors are white, black and aluminum.

Jim P.

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Is this Ceramic coat a dipping process or did you just spray the

Ron & Carolyn Triano Q-200 N4710P

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I had it done for the 4 into 1 on my Revmaster. Not only did it
with heat reduction in the cowling, you don't have rusty pipes.

Mike Dwyer wrote:

Hey Qers.
I had written about putting together a stainless exhaust system
and ...
you were right, it is next to impossible to bend that stuff. It
only the mandrel bend machines can touch it.

Now I'm thinking about using steel to make a 4 pipe system. Each
will exit at the bottom near the oil sump. I checked out this
that ceramic coats the pipes, $20 per foot. They say it keeps the
in the pipes better. Does anyone here believe that or is it a
waste of

Mike Q200

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