Re: q-200 building info. needed

Dorothea Keats and Chris Walterson <dkeats@...>

Brad------------ I have a complete Q-200 kit that has never been
started. It has all that's needed to build except the engine ,epoxi and
wheels. I am located in Geraldton Ontario Canada. I want 8,000
Canadian. This kit was worth 13,000 US in 1984. It comes with the carbon
fiber spars. I was gonna run a 2.5 turbocharged Subaru, but I have way
to may other project on the go. With the cost of the Subaru I figure I
could have a finished 200mph airplane for less than 20,000 Canadian. If
you're intersted give me a buzz. If you are not intersted and are
looking at a partially built aircraft, be very carefull. You never know
what you are getting. I have built and am flying a Super Quickie and a
Turbocharges Subaru Dragonlfy. Too may toys and no time.------------
Canada Chris

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