Re: Fuel filler problem and brake seals.

Jim Patillo



I glassed 2"-2 1/2" steel muffler pipe nipples out of the header and
main and coupled between the two with Goodyear Fuel Hose. Has been
working perfectly for 5 years.

Jim Patillo

P.S. Sam Kittle has just done this same mod so he can help you for
parts and where to get them.

--- In Q-LIST@..., Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@b...> wrote:
Chris, thanks for the post on the PVC problem. I used PVC between
header tank and the main tank. Upon reading your post I checked
mine to
find soft spots as well. Thanks for taking the time to note your
problem so the rest of us could benefit. What kind of material are
using to replace the PVC?
Jerry Marstall

chris rayner wrote:

Guys, I found a problem which maybe only affects me, but maybe
not. Nearly twenty years ago, the original builder of my Q followed
an instruction in the builders manual and "trundled down to the local
plumbing store" and bought some PVC pipe which he built in the two
filler points.
Jump to present and I have had the fuselage upside down for a few
weeks while I work on the underside. There was a little fuel in the
tanks and this was sitting around the filler caps. After a while,
some drips appeared around the caps, so I tried to tighten them a
bit. I found that the PVC had gone very soft and distorted. The epoxy
is fine.
Maybe no-one else has used the PVC option, but maybe someone has
done and isn't aware there could be a problem. I am replacing the PVC
with metal - steel and aluminium.

After the discussions about brake fluid and seals etc a while ago,
I looked on the Shell website. I was a bit concerned that the BUNA
used by Airheart for the seals has poor compatibility with both types
a aircraft fluid (natural and synthetic). Has anyone had a problem
with the seals though?

Chris Rayner - still building; still learning....

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