Re: Fuel filler problem and brake seals.

Jim Patillo

The way to cure the problem you describe is to install a flush mount
filler in the top of the header with a steel or aluminum (grounded)
2- 2 1/2" tube just below the header opening. That way you can fill
the header and main at the same time from the same opening. This
makes filling both tanks very fast and you know exactly how much
fuel is in the header and main simply by looking in the hole. I can
fill my tanks in half the time it takes to fill the conventional
setup. Sam Kittle has just finished this mod and can elaborate if
any one is interested.

The only kicker is the header we have is different than standard! If
you are building and at this stage you may want to look into this
option. I have 5 years and almost 600 hours on this mod and it works

Jim P.

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Paul, the two filler points I mention are the one on the side -
to the main
tank and the one on the top - to the header. The side one had pvc
down pipe;
wrapped in BID
My Q2 has a single header fill point with an overflow to the main
tank. It
is simplicity in construction and prevents overfilling the header.
Its main
problem is that the header can't be full unless the main tank is.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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