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Mike, I have used an O-200 case to replace the C90-8F case I had which was cracked around the centre main bearing housing. There were obvious differences because the -8F had no mounting for the alternator (or is it starter) at the centre top, at rear. Other differences were because of the different studs placing for the accessory case - I am still using the one for the -8F. It was possible to modify as necessary though.

The other differences I was told about were the cranckcase through bolts - the O-200 is stronger, but compatible - so assuming the C-85 and C-90 are the same, (which I think they are) it should be OK. Be careful about the front of the crankshaft/thrust bearing though. They are not all the same and not interchangeable - some thrust bearings are bronze "C" shaped and some are (I believe) built into the main bearings. So check those items are the same.

PS the cracking around the centre main journal and also wear on the mating areas on the crankcase halves around the journal, is quite common and can lead to crank failure. You can normally see the signs of wear and cracks by looking very carefully.

I hope this helps, but I am not an expert. I am only telling what I found with my engine and by talking to someone who knows...

Chris Rayner

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Hey Guys,
Is a Continental C-85 engine case the same as a 0-200A case?
Sure look the same to me ...
Mike Q-200

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