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Hey Mike:

The overhaul manual for C75, C85, C90 & O-200 says in section III:

"...the C75 group differ from the corresponding dash numbered models in the
C85 group only in calibration of the carburetor installed. C90 models
differ from C75 and C85 models in the design of several major parts and
accessories, including the crankshaft, camshaft, crankshaft gear (in -8
models only), carburetor, oil sump, connecting rods, pistons and valve
springs. The O-200, in turn, differs from C Series in the design of its
crankcase, camshaft, crankcase cover, carburetor and oil sump."

There are other differences such as shielded ignition and compression; then
you get into the -8, -12, -14, -16, F and H models.

In general the manual discourages "field conversions" between models;
however, they are talking about use in certified aircraft.

The manual goes into great detail about the differences.

Hope this helps --

Mike Perry

At 07:06 PM 5/7/2005 -0400, you wrote:
Hey Guys,
Is a Continental C-85 engine case the same as a 0-200A case?
Sure look the same to me ...
Mike Q-200

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