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To Brad & all. I have requested a forum for Airventure but do not have a location or time yet. I'll keep you posted.

Haven't decided on a BBQ yet. Fellow QBA'er Mike Brown has had one in the past, so if he is listening maybe he can speak up on this topic. I'm camping as well, but have planned anything yet.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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I'm seriously looking at building a Q-200 and I appreciate all the help that
people have provided.

Is there going to be a gathering of quickies at Oshkosh or bbq or anything.
I've attended Oshkosh in the past but never with the intention of purchasing
a kit. Well, now is the time to make the plunge. I was hoping meet people
and ask a lot of questions.


-brad w.

ps: I can't make the Tandem Wing Spring Fling because I'm out of town.. 8-(

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