Re: quickies at Oshkosh

JohntenHave <Jtenhave@...>


whilst is is possible to find latent projects around,(and these are
often the lowest entry cost option) you might be better to consider
the dragonfly or the raptor as projects with more complete
documentation and or support. My understanding is that it is still
possible to obtain all the parts for Dragonfly without undue
difficulty. The decision you make now will knock on for several
years. May I also suggest that you do what ever is required to get a
ride or at least a sit in the project you intend to build. There is
nothing worse than the late realisation that your expectation did
not equal the reality. That said, there is nothing better than
finding the reality exceeds the dream!


--- In Q-LIST@..., Brad Walker <bwalker@m...> wrote:
I'm seriously looking at building a Q-200 and I appreciate all the
help that
people have provided.

Is there going to be a gathering of quickies at Oshkosh or bbq or
I've attended Oshkosh in the past but never with the intention of
a kit. Well, now is the time to make the plunge. I was hoping meet
and ask a lot of questions.


-brad w.

ps: I can't make the Tandem Wing Spring Fling because I'm out of
town.. 8-(

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