Re: Quickies and Dragonflys "long post"

Jim Patillo


While John Tenhave is correct in stating the decision you make now
can take several years to build, there's nothing faster or more fun
for the money than a Q200, which I doubt John has ever riden in.

I know I'll get hastled for this but, the fact of the matter is,
when a Quickie and Dragonfly event takes place almost anywhere, the
planes flying and giving rides are Q200's. Why is that?
I've been around the show circuit and Tandem Wing events for many
years and the last 5 with mine. I know what I'm saying to you is

I'm really not knocking the Dragonfly, in fact they are neat
airplanes with large cabins, great headroom and docile
characteristics, but they don't haul as much, handle turbulence as
well, respond to stick commands as quickly or go near as fast.
That's what makes a Quickie a Quickie.

Given the fact Rex started Dragonfly the same time as QAC and out
sold Quickie in sheer numbers of kits(Quickie went out of business
in the early 80's), why aren't more of them showing up at shows or
Oshkosh than Quickies for example. There's no question the Dragonfly
had much better backing over the years (Quickie Factory help was
nonexistant). Despite that many sucecssful Q's flying. Just look at
the Builders List and compare.

Either way you cut it these planes take a long time to build. Which
airplane you pick is obviously is a matter of preference for your
skill and comfort level. Whichever catagory you fit into is the way
you should look at it. You might want to talk to Tim Iverson on the
Dragonfly List as he got his first ride in a Q200 a couple of weeks
ago. He should be able to make a good comparison.

Further if you are serious, you may want to search out one already
built and flying. I've directed friends that way over the last few
years and there's no question it can be a good way to go. Just ask
Phil Langford, Brad Moore and Geoff Rutledge. If on the other hand
you like building and want to spend several years doing so (mine
only took 19 years)go for it. Many of us started our kits when we
were young now were getting old. That doesn't leave many years for

I can honestly say that "reality has exceeded my dreams" but knowing
what I know now, I would have bought my Quickie if that option had
been available then! I hope this helps, By the way, I'm an idiot and

Jim Patillo 600 hours in N46JP Q200 and loving every minute of it.

<Jtenhave@m...> wrote:

whilst is is possible to find latent projects around,(and these
often the lowest entry cost option) you might be better to
the dragonfly or the raptor as projects with more complete
documentation and or support. My understanding is that it is still
possible to obtain all the parts for Dragonfly without undue
difficulty. The decision you make now will knock on for several
years. May I also suggest that you do what ever is required to get
ride or at least a sit in the project you intend to build. There
nothing worse than the late realisation that your expectation did
not equal the reality. That said, there is nothing better than
finding the reality exceeds the dream!


--- In Q-LIST@..., Brad Walker <bwalker@m...> wrote:
I'm seriously looking at building a Q-200 and I appreciate all
help that
people have provided.

Is there going to be a gathering of quickies at Oshkosh or bbq
I've attended Oshkosh in the past but never with the intention
a kit. Well, now is the time to make the plunge. I was hoping
and ask a lot of questions.


-brad w.

ps: I can't make the Tandem Wing Spring Fling because I'm out of
town.. 8-(

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