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reread my post. Unbridled enthusiasm is one thing, a viable path for
a beginner to enable construction and completion is quite another.
Brad was not asking how great Q 200s are but rather announcing his
intention to start building one.

You and I are doing him a disservice if we do not advise him of the
cold hard facts before he commits to a path which could just as well
result in a dead end. Building a "straight-forward", supported
project is hard enough that only one in ten are finished by the

Q-200s are OK, I have flown in one but it did not take 600hrs to
decide that there are better aircraft (in my view) with respect to
visibility on approach, engineering, cockpit space, comfort, luggage
space and load carrying capacity whilst remaining within the
published weight limits. It depends what you want or what
compromises you deem reasonable.

There is one thing for sure, there is more than one answer to the
question "what can I build that will meet my flying needs?" If Brad
does the analysis and decides with all the facts that the Q200 is the
one for him, great. I am sure we will all do our best to support him.

Looking at the latest breed of Ultralights I suspect we run the risk
of morphing into a bunch of aging vintage aircraft enthusiasts....
best we do not look too closely ;-)



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While John Tenhave is correct in stating the decision you make now
can take several years to build, there's nothing faster or more fun
for the money than a Q200, which I doubt John has ever riden in.

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