Re: Quickies and Dragonflys "long post"

Jim Patillo

Roger that Mr. Langford *********** I mean Mr. Lankford with a K! I'm
so confused. Are you coming to the canard flyin this Saturday in
Columbia, CA?


PS: If John only knew what he was missing he would want one in his
hangar too!

In Q-LIST@..., britmcman@a... wrote:


Just ask
Phil Langford, Brad Moore and Geoff Rutledge.

That's Lankford! with a K! You're gonna upset the Langfords if
you don't
stop using their name so loosely.

By the way, the well built Q200 is a better airplane than I thought
could be
in existence - Two people side by side with modest baggage, 180
everywhere, 6 GPH, small footprint and capable of sharing a hanger
with other Qs,
D'Flys or Long Ezes.

Phil LanKford

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