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Hi Jeff,

Yes I was aware.

Which begs the question: What happened to the Q2 tooling?

I'm building the tooling for the Q1 as 4 main molds and a bunch of little
molds for details like spars, bulkheads and canopy frame. The fuselage is
split on a vertical plane, the wings are on top and bottom molds with
integral molds for the wheel pants. Despite the move towards the LS-1 wing
I'm favoring the GU for the Q1. I think I might have the only Q1, drawings
in 3D, now.

At this time, there is no intention to commercialize. I build very precise
carbon fiber microwave reflectors for compact antenna ranges with mirror
finishes. It was just a natural thing given my interest in the Q1 to build
this tooling. One part from a tool is not unusual although it will
certainly work for thousands.

It's a tedious process, isn't it? I'm enjoying every minute.

N124BB, Q1


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In my original post I specifically stated I was talking about the Q2 family
of aircraft, not the Quickie. It is a lot of work to build most any
airplane, especially if someone wants to do all the work. And as I am sure
you are well aware, anytime you deviate from the plans or well documented
modifications, the time required to complete the project will escalate.

You should be very proud of your accomplishments building an airplane from a
set of plans.


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I've lofted a Q1 using the original plans and my own experience building

Making molds for a carbon fiber version.

It was very difficult to get specs on the aircraft from the drawings. The
moldless technique for the Q1 worked very well. However, there is a weight
penalty using fiberglass and hand layup. Using a vacuum transfer technique
uses up a lot less epoxy for the same wet-out. Also there is no requirement
for all that body filler on the outside since the finish is taken from the

Q1, N124BB (in process, harder-slower-more-expensive than it looks)

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