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Jon Finley <jon@...>

I have a Q2 fuselage (four sections), fuel tank, & canopy (all virgin) that I'd sell if someone were picking it up. Not even going to think about shipping it.

Contact me directly if interested (jon@...). FYI: That's all I have, don't even think of asking if I have the metal parts, glass, epoxy, etc....


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Jeff you are right that it would be difficult building our fuselages <BR>
from scratch but you must remember there were over 1200 kits sold <BR>
and they are out there. If one is serious about building a Q2 it can <BR>
be done. Maybe some should make a wanted post on Barnstormers for Q2 <BR>
kits. You will see some sufrace.<BR>
Jim P        <BR>

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