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Jim Patillo

Terry, Hope this helps.

News 04-19-2005
West Coast Gathering of Canards

Tim "Tiger" LoDolce and David Orr have decided to organize a
spring "Gathering of Canards" to bring us West Coasters, and
everyone else who wants to meet us, a little closer together rather
than at some far away event. One very much like Rough River with the
exception that we allowed adult beverages. Yes, Shirl does a
wonderful job of organizing the R.A.C.E. events in Utah and Arizona
but many people just can't get away, don't want to race (you don't
have to and it's still great fun), or just can't afford to fly that
far. At the price of gas these days I can't blame them either.

We wanted it to be at a location that offered something more than
just an airport ramp and maybe some camping close by. We also wanted
it to be somewhere around the middle of California so the SoCal
guys, and all the other EZ drivers in the surrounding states could
get to without making it a big expensive trek. We also wanted it in
a place we could count on good weather. So with that criteria in
mind we have chosen Columbia, CA (O22) that's Oscar 22. It's got
lots of things to do and see besides just sitting back and relaxing
and shoot'n the breeze. (See the links below).

I just got off the phone with Jim the manager of Columbia, CA
airport and the 2nd weekend in May (13-15) is open for our Canard
Gathering. Jim told me the camping/picnic facilities will be shared
with an EAA chapter holding their own little fly-in but that they'd
be happy to have us. Jim's the past president of the Columbia/Sonora
local EAA chapter 1337 and will help out where he can.

Don Denhard (Long EZ) is based at this field and will be a big help
in getting things organized at the airport prior to the event days.

I can foresee a lot of early arrivals on Friday afternoon and early
evening. We will be hosting a "cocktail" party at the camp grounds
that evening. Saturday most will arrive. Some will camp while some
will want to stay in hotels. Some may even want to rent a car but it
is not necessary as the town of Columbia is a 15 minute walk on a
great nature trail. Plenty of places to eat there and the food is
good. I'm sure you are all familiar with Columbia anyway so I don't
need to go on about how nice this place is. Saturday we can repeat
the "cocktail" party. We'll just play it loose which is the way most
would want it anyway.

The campgrounds has built in BBQ's, good indoor toilets with hot
showers. the camping area is very shaded and it's about 20 degrees
cooler over there. The camping fee is $8 per night which includes
the tiedown fee which is $4 for those who choose not camp.

We can just do our own thing for food and drink or we can organize a
picnic style meal for lunch and dinner. We might even have a local
group cater us. We're looking into this side and will let you know
when more is learned. For now just plan on doing your own thing.

So mark these dates down on your calendar and plan to attend. RSVP's
are requested so we can have a guestimate on the number to expect.

When: May 13th thru May 15th (the weekend after Mothers Day)
Where: Columbia, CA Identifier O22 (Oscar 22)
Why: Shed the winter doldrums and stretch your wings
What time: Friday, May 13th anytime after noon to Sunday, May 15th,
about noon.

If you want to rent a car do it now as there are just so many to go
around. If you get one, please share it with those that want to
explore as much as you do.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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What canard flyin this Saturday at Columbia, CA?

Terry Adams
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