Re: Patillo's Front Spinner Bulkhead and Catto's Latest Prop

Jon Finley <jon@...>

Jim, Bob, or Brad,

When are one of you guys going to try one of Paul Lipp's Elipss props??
I figure one of your group just HAS to be itching to see what one of
those props will do on a Q200!


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Hopefully this will work on the first attempt.

Someone on the list wanted photos of Jim Patillo's front spinner
bulkhead. I took some pictures of it today as we removed the prop
from 46JP to put on a new 3 blade prop from Craig Catto, which is his
latest design. Contact Jim for details, but the bulkhead is aluminum
with rubber rolled over the edge to fit the spinner diam.

The prop will end up on my plane, 321TM, but I had the engine off so
Jim offered to "test" it for me. Jim reports it to be very quiet and
smooth, but it will need a slight adjustment to get more RPM. Jim
kept up with another fast Livermore Q200, but was running 400 RPM
less. Catto delivered the prop yesterday at the canard flyin at
Columbia, CA.

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