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Hi all
I am a chinese and I have built a Q-2. The aircraft is complete now. I will go to Eaa AirVenture in july23 this year(if visa is pass).
I know you will also go to there .May I contact you when I get there? My English is not very good.I am afraid that I can not find you( Q group) in the EAA site because the place is very big and ther have many many aircrafts.Excuse me,May someone tell me your mobile phone number and then I can call you if I can not find Q-group site.
Does someone know that who's Q-2 or Q-200 has double control system ? I want to study flight Q-2 aircraft.
The Q-2 aircraft is the best like since I was a 12 age boy in 1982.
Dave Richards and a doctor(Sorry,the computer lost your mail,so I forget your name ), Thanks for your help.I am so apologize for my poor English.Are you on the q-list? May you give me a message If you see this mail ?

Best Regards



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