Re: Two fly-ins for the price of none

Jim Patillo


Your a hell of a promoter and quite the man! Good luck this weekend
and I wish for you a great turn out. Cause thats what makes it worth


Jim P.

P.S. We have one coming in a few months so make some time now for
August in the Bay Area. This years event will be posted on Carard
Aviator so you're likely to see alot of strange looking two winged

--- In Q-LIST@..., "Sam Hoskins" <shoskins@m...> wrote:
The first Tandem Wing Spring Fling participant, Joe Snow from
Euclid, OH
already arrived this afternoon, towing a Q-bird on a trailer.

Beside the Spring Fling extravaganza, the alt.rec.aviation fly-in
is being
held at the Pinckneyville airport, just a few miles north of
P'ville is a good place to get gas, and it might be worthwhile to
do a low
pass over there once and a while, just to let them know where the
airplanes are headed!

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