Revflow Carb Idle


Q-Team - Help: The Revflow carburetor on N672CP continues to present
mysterious idle problems. When the cowling is removed and the engine
(2100DT) is idling - it purrs like kitten @ 800 RPM. When cowled and the
engine power is increased, i.e. to 1500 -2000 RPM, the engine warms up - the
RPM will not return to 800 RPM, but instead gains 300-500 RPM consistently.
Without touching anything and the throttle & linkage static the RPM seems to
creep up after several minutes of any engine acceleration/heating. I of
course noticed the problem on final when I had trouble slowing the AC for
landing, i.e. I couldn't reduce power below 1400 RPM. HOT ROUND-OUT!
Loonngg landing roll! I know there must be a magic adjustment
somewhere.......Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Please advise.

Thanks, Joe Tygart - Petersburg, VA

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