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Please forgive as I am new to this and still learning. I did not
build but bought a highly modified TW plane that is said to be a
combination of DF/Q2/Cessna ? It is a trike with an LS1 so I have
been watching all posts on both pages and now have some questions.

1) Has this only happened to LS1 canards ?
Yes, specifically those with carbon tube spars

2) Has this only been Q200 s ?
Yes, so far because with only one exception that has been identified
only Q-200s have carbon tube spars There is a Q1 somewhere and it
is not automatically immune.

3) What is the configuration of the planes with failures (tri or
taildraggers) ?

So far tail draggers, but if defective spars have been built into
tri-Qs there is the possibility of a problem there as well.

4) Is the over board Muff heat being dumped just infront of the
area failing ?

No, heat in front, the spar is towards the rear of the canard.

On either this page or the Dfly page there was a recent post
regarding paint color and caution based on the foam will deteriate
at 180 F so UV relate heat becomes an issue with dark colors. If
this failure is on Q200 s that many have the O235 with an operating
oil temp around 212 F could there be heat damage occuring to the
internal foam thereby weaking the canard interior strength allowing
the failure ?

NO, the foam is not failing, the carbon spar is.



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