LS1 Spars

Jim Patillo


The only Q200 spar failure has been mine which is docummented
extensively in Q-Talk #87. It failed and was repaired in late 2003
and has since had several hundred hours put on and flown at gross
weights of 1300+ lbs since with no problems I've been able to detect
on either spar. I continue to check the spar and canard regularly.

James Postma had the second failure in a Q2 with LS1 spar on April
21st 2005. He purchased the plane from Frank Folmer I think and has
yet to determine if the canard/spar had been damaged and repaired
prior or if the failure was a recent event. It is yet to be
determined exactly how it failed or why but it was observed with a
definite sag on the right side prior to the last flight. It should be
noted that a sag on any spar should be addressed at once and no
flight should be attempted in that aircraft until a repair is made.

Unless anyone knows different that is the total out of many many
flying Q2 and Q200 (LS1) taildragger aircraft over the last 23 years.

Best regards,

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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