Re: Previous Spar Damage

Jim Patillo

Relax Phil, John and I are still good friends! We're were just having
a lively debate at each others expense both on and offline. We both
want to help solve the puzzle and will. The truth shall set you free
my friend!

I knew with a little continued jabbing some one (not unlike yourself)
would put two and two together. Now we can move on with the discovery
phase. James and I talked about this a few weeks back. In fact I
believe Jeff Rutledge knew of this problem when he looked at that
plane before he bought Al Kittlesons.

Best regards,

Jim Patillo

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James Postma:

Did you happen to mention anything about this aircraft having a
forced landing on August, 15, 2000? Was the incident you wrote
about the same
aircraft N8427?

Jim and John have been at each other's throats for a while now.
Do you
suppose that the August 2000 incident might have in some way been
connected with
your more recent broken spar incident?


Phil Lankford

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