Re: Previous Spar Damage

Jim Patillo

FYI, think its the same one?

I am sad to say that Frank Follmer passed on about Sept 26 after a
battle with

I would like to make a brief mention of his life and his contribution
to the Q
community. Very few builders knew of Frank because he was not a
computer guy,
not a pilot, did not attend any flyins, and his airplanes never left

The reason I know of him is that he had a hanger behind mine at Chino
for 5
years. He was my mentor and kept me in the game.

Frank was from St. Louis. I don't think he had any formal engineering
At first he did an auto body and paint shop. Then he went into
designing and
building box factories. His father was in that business.

When he retired, he moved to Villa Park, California and discovered
the Q2 and
decided to build one. He took some pilot lessons, but his eyesight
could not
pass the medical, and he gave that up.

He was a master builder. He met with Gene Sheehan and recommended
changes and
improvements to the airplane. This is when QAC and Revmaster were at
Chino. At
one time the Q operation took up almost all the commercial space at

Frank was very meticulous about his work. His innovations include:
the full height rudder - three were built
the sliding forward canopy
the raised canopy - 2 inches at the rear
bullet nosed and pressure recovery wheel pants
integral position lights in the wing tips (left, right, rear and
strobes in one
streamlined unit)

Frank built two airplanes, a Q2 and a Q200. I now own them both, the
Q200 with
Damian. The Q200 was crashed due to a separated prop and we are
rebuilding it.

James Postma
Q2 Revmaster N145EX
Q200 N8427
Steilacoom, Washington
(253) 584-1182 9:00 to 8:00 PDT
May your header tank be always full and your wings right side up.

"David Barker" wrote:
Before everyone writes off this incident as a previously crashed Q,
I believe It was a different aircraft than what James referred to.
Frank built several aircraft. How about it James, set the record


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Hello Jim:

I just want everyone to know that if you (or the previous owner)
drive your

airplane down a busy freeway and happen to hit a light pole and
then years
later happen to notice the right spar cracking off, it would be
nice to make

mention of the prior event when alerting the public of the more


Phil Lankford

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