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David J. Gall


The Roncz R1145MS airfoil is not a modified LS(1)-0417 airfoil. The LS(1)-0417 airfoil is 17% thick, the Roncz R1145MS is 20.5% thick and the GU25(5)11-8 airfoil is 21% thick.

Part of the beauty of the Roncz airfoil is the elevator which requires a specific hinge location to make it work right for canard applications. As used on the Long-EZE, the Roncz airfoil is superior. However, adapting it to the Quickie with the Quickie's tapared canard planform introduces difficulties with the elevator hinge that the constant-chord Long-EZE canard didn't have. If you come across the Raptor site (modified Dragonfly) in your researches, know that Drew messed up the Roncz elevator geometry and has all sorts of aerodynamic band-aids applied to try to fix it. Do NOT follow that path. Rocket scientists don't always make good airplane engineers.

The factory Q1 LS1 plans are available in various forms if you look around for them and spars are supposed to be available from Peter Harris in New Zealand.

Good luck,

David J. Gall

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Thank you for the name/assistance. Sent a note and hope to get more
information soon on using the LS1 w/Q1. I am also looking into the
adaptability of the Roncz canard (modified LS1 if I remember
correctly) on this project as well. I am in an early stage and have
lots of homework on this thing.


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Is anyone aware of a Q1 with the LS1 canard on it, or was this just
installed on the Q2?
I am starting a new project that is a Q1, but want to install the LS1
canard if this is an option? Was the GU canard as bad on the Q1 as it
was on the Q2 and Dragonfly?
Regards, > GJG
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Terry Crouch, on this list has one. An award winner!!
Send him a note.

Kevin Boddicker
Luana, Iowa

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