Re: Exhaust Pipes

Jim Patillo

Congrats on your pipes Mike, what a deal! My steel ones have worked
great for years also. You may want to make some isolation dampners
(and attach to rear of engine) as the pipes leave the back of the

Mark Summers had new ones made from stainless but may have been a
little longer than yours. He just went through many weeks of broken
pipes because of the vibration. He solved the problem finally with
rubber hose some aluminum angle and clamps working to dampen the


Jim P

--- In Q-LIST@..., Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@t...> wrote:
I got my new exhaust pipes done.
Went with mild steel. I bent some PVC tube in the shape I wanted
took em to Ice Cold Auto Air where they used their pipe and bent it
match my PVC. They charged me $20 for the pipe and bending. Darn,
was too short and one I needed a little more bend so back to Ice
Auto Air where they charged me another $5 (almost laugh-able, if
know this was for an airplane they'd add some 0's). I bought
from Wicks, $6 each = $24. Now I had to attach the flanges and I
couldn't find anyone around with a welder to tack it so, out comes
epoxy. I tacked em with flox! Down to the local welder with the
and $80 later they are done. Fit em, cut to final size, sand blast
and coat with Black Satin ceramic coating (bought $49 worth but
like I can do maybe 3 more sets with the amount I got : (

What did you do Memorial Day weekend?

So lets see, I get $178 for new pipes...
Hey, go to this web site and let me know if you think the pipes
crack if not suspended to the firewall? The longest pipe is about
feet and is pretty rigid when bolted in place to the cylinder...

Pictures here! This web site kinda stinks, gota try several times
get it...But it's free!

Mike Q200 N3QP

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