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Jim Patillo


I presume you have a standard fuel system with 1/4" line from (bottom
of main tank exiting at the center of the main tank) through a fuel
filter to a facet fuel pump into the header and a 3/8" gravity flow
line from header through another fuel filter (what kind?)to the

Two tests should be performed with airplane in climb attitude. That
means you either raise the main wheels off the ground or take the tail
section off for proper "CLIMB" attitude. The reason this is done is to
ensure that you have enough fuel flow for take off and climb.

First test main to header fuel flow with pump turned on. Let us know
how large your header tank is and how long it takes to fill from
empty. This determines the recovery rate. The second test is gravity
fuel flow from header to carburator. This should be at least double
what your engine uses at full burn. Let us know what the fuel flow is
with the fuel line removed at the carburator. It should be 15 gal or
better per hour with 3/8" line. If you are getting these flows your
engine should be getting enough fuel.

If not I missed something in the post process.

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Well Guys ,

I did the flow test 5 times only to come out with the same results
take 5 minutes and 5 sec to fill one gallon of gas, so with that
I'm only getting just under 12 gph an hour. What's next? fuel pump?
is there another fix? with out having to use an fuel pump? I didn't
see a set screw on the carb for the needle valve, mabey I'm looking
hard where exactly will it be? Thanks guys I'm glad I got some where
to come for info!

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