Re: Q200 fuel vent

Jim Patillo


What you described about fuel in the vent line was what I was warning
people about a couple of years ago and even more recently. THIS WILL

I had filled my main, header and aux and inadvertantly switched the
aux on before flight. This allowed the aux to pump into a full header
and subsequently the main. With no where else to go, fuel filled up
the vent tube. Whether the tube had been located on the bottom
(standard) or on top as Peter Harris advocates, would have made no
difference in my case. My engine quit at 100' in the air and half way
down the runway!

I guess the point is; the vent line is a very critical componet to
our fuel systems. If it fails for any reason, ice, dirt dobber,
insect or fuel its bad news. I would say this rates high on the "to
do" list because everyone has a vent line!

That is why I suggested anyone building new or reworking a plane
should consider installing a second fuel pump and use it for take off
and landings. Especially a new pilot/new airplane. Having said that,
you just proved that even 900 hours of familiarity can still get a
person into trouble. I may have to reconsider installing a second
fuel pump now!

Glad you made it back to Terra Firma safely and shared this


Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

--- In Q-LIST@..., MartinErni@a... wrote:
I reported to the group several weeks ago that I had 900 hours and
problems with the stock fuel vent system. Should have kept my
mouth shut. At a
nearby airport this W/E I filled all the tanks, made a very short
taxi back to
the runway, a quick run up and started the take off roll. Just as
I reached
rotation speed the engine began to drastically loose power. I
throttled back sat back down on the runway and rolled out. Luckily
it was a 5000
foot runway so I had lots of room. As I rolled out I looked over
at the fuel
vent line and saw fuel draining out.
I guess I have always managed to burn off enough fuel in taxi
and run
up in the past. This time the tank was very full and a short taxi
left enough
excess fuel to fill the vent line. After the fuel drained I
departed with no
further problems.
As a result I will be adding a fuel pump between the header
carburetor. Can anyone direct me to the pressure limits for the MA-

Earnest Martin
TRIQ200 N4793E 900 hours

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