Tad's Phoenix

David J. Gall


You obviously did not build your Phoenix, otherwise you would not be
prefacing "I believe" in front of your pronouncements about your canard's
structural material. Please take the prudent/conservative approach and
physically inspect your canard for evidence of foam deterioration. Not doing
so on the basis that you "believe" something because you were "told" so or
"researched" something could get you seriously dead, or worse.

David J. Gall

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Thanks for the heads up. I had heard about this and did some
invesigations early on. Seems like there were also some near
misses when the wing began to flutter due to the same
problem. The foam in the canard is I believe poly urethane
and is not damaged by fuel. It is the same stuff that
aircraft spruce or wicks sells for building fuel cells

Steve <sham@...> wrote:
Tad, If my memory serves me right there was a accident with a
Q that someone had built a wing tank. He ran auto gas and the
tank leaked, melted the foam and had a wing had a structural
failure in flight.

Steve Ham
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I actually have a Phoenix (1 off TW). Started from Dfly
plans, LS-1, Tri gear 26ft wing span.
I have been told many things regarding Q/Dfly similarities
(pics in photo album N1107P...)

I did fail to mention there is a fuel pump for take off and
landing, no header. It has a lot of custom so It is difficult
to link similarities between either the Q or Dfly. I don't
have plans and not real familiar with Q or Dfly just know
there are differences and similarities and heard a bunch of
stories regarding the design/plan.


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Mine was built with NACA vents in the rear wing and
plumbing that runs up to
the wing tanks to build ram pressure

I am not familiar with wing vents or wing tanks on a
Q200? Anything
would be a guess.

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