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Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

Another option for all of you to critically evaluate: use a separate vent for the aux tank. Putting a check valve in the fuel line would prevent loss of pressurization if a leak developed in the aux tank. Also, if the aux tank is turned on prematurely, as in Jim's situation, the main header tank vent could become full and overflow but the fuel system would remain pressurized from the vent for the aux tank.

Jim Patillo wrote:


Actually after thinking about it further, the stock fuel vent setup I have works perfectly with the 3/16"? vent tube located about 1/2" down into the 5/8" return tube to the main. The advantage of filling from the top (mine is different than stock, 5 gallon header tank is on pax side only) into the header allows me to fill the main and header at the same time, stopping when both are level with the 2 1/2" fill tube to the main which is about 1 1/2" from top of fuselage(can fill plane very quickly). This keeps the vent clear at all times. After taxi out, fuel is even lower.

The problem that caused my engine failure was due to pumping from the aux into an already full main and header. Like overfilling a bucket it had to go somewhere and the path of least resistance was through the vent.
The answer for me is DO NOT TURN ON THE AUX SWITCH PRIOR TO FLIGHT. Just like, do not turn off the master/ignition prior to flight. It is on my check list now!

I'll keep what I have. But if you are newly building or rebuilding with a stock header take heed!

Jim Patillo

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