Re: Extra fuel vent vs another pump

Peter Harris <peterjfharris@...>

Jim if your vent is located down into the return pipe it will fill with fuel when fuel surges up the return pipe. When the main is full then during turbulence it has nowhere else to go but up the return pipe, and into the vent.And with the filler setup you have then the return pipe will in fact be filled to begin.
Not good for supply to the carb.
< the 3/16"? vent tube located about 1/2"
down into the 5/8" return tube to the main. The advantage of filling
from the top (mine is different than stock, 5 gallon header tank is
on pax side only) into the header allows me to fill the main and
header at the same time, stopping when both are level with the 2 1/2"
fill tube to the main which is about 1 1/2" from top of fuselage(can
fill plane very quickly). This keeps the vent clear at all times.>

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