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Dave <dave@...>

Thanks, Guys.

Learned or figured out several things on this flight. Primarily I
figured out to lead with the mixture when making throttle changes and
move each a little bit at a time. On my first two flights I was moving
the throttle first and it would go rich and cause vibrations. Then I
would move quickly to the mixture to try and get it smooth again. More
vibrations would cause me to pull the mixture faster and more than I
should have. That's what led to me almost killing the engine on base
with the mixture on the second flight. I'm sure with more experience
with the settings that I'll be able to get more efficient in making
throttle changes. For now, I'm going to lead with the mixture.

Thanks again,


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Great to hear you are flying your Tri-Q2 again. Hopefully you will have
your hours flown off and have everything working well so you can fly to
Sullivan in September.


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His message was #7001 if you want to read his original description.

Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 N825DR 3.5 hrs

P.S. Had my third flight this past weekend. The engine ran like a
champ. Seems like the adjustments to the carb I was working to achieve
paid off.
Hope to start pounding out the hours now. DAR

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