Re: Clocking the prop

Sam Hoskins <shoskins@...>

Jim, check out:

Post your question on the Q-200 engine group and address it to Harry. He
and other non-quickie guys monitor it, but they do know Continentals.



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Thanks Dave Richardson and especially David Gall for the information
provided. I should have looked before talking as we've covered most
everythnig already in previous discussions.

Having said that, it appears there are two reasons to clock a prop.
(1) smoothness and (2) performance. I'm interested in both. So given
what we've read where is the best place to set a two blade prop on
an 0200 to get both? I do not had prop.

JIm P.
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His message was #7001 if you want to read his original description.

Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 N825DR 3.5 hrs

P.S. Had my third flight this past weekend. The engine ran like a
champ. Seems like the adjustments to the carb I was working to
paid off.
Hope to start pounding out the hours now. DAR

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David Gall wrote something up some time ago about clocking the
prop and
we included it along with drawings in an issue of Q-Talk.

The basic benefit of aligning the prop to a horizontal position
when the
pistons are near TDC relates to reducing the vibration induced
into the
propeller from the pulse generated by the fuel burn in the
David's image at the time was to envision a yardstick being held
at the
center point and aligned vertically and moving your hand side to
horizontally. You will get the stick to start oscillating. If
of holding the yardstick vertically, you hold it horizontally and
your hand horizontally, you get no such oscillation.

Hope that helps. You might be able to find his original comments
eloquently stated, no doubt) in the archives.

Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 N825DR 3.5 hrs

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Subject: [Q-LIST] Clocking the prop

General question for the group;

Does anyone know if there are any benefits in clocking a prop. Is
there any position better than another? I do not hand prop so I'm
to suggestion.

P.S. Sam your wheel pants and inlets look great. Keep up the good
work as I may have a little surprise for you in Sullivan. We here
the west coast are really slow but trying to catch up!

Regards and good speeds,

Jim P. N46JP Q200 600 hrs.

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