Re: Tri-Q Main Landing Gear

David J. Gall

Doug, Jeff,

Never mind asking Velocity Aircraft about these parts. Contact Scott Swing
directly (through Velocity). Tri-Q parts were never part of the "Velocity
business" and I'd bet that they did not get sold with the business. If that
is the case, then Scott would retain the molds etc. and probably be able to
still supply parts, but you'd have to bypass the Velocity company proper....
Clear as mud?

Short answer: Talk directly to Scott Swing. At the very least, he can
probably put you in contact with the individuals who he had building the
parts for him....

David J. Gall

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Well, that is interesting Jeff. I'll still look him/them up
at OSH and see what I can do about getting the plans etc.
What direction do you other Tri-Q guys think we ought to go
to help out future Tri-gear guys???

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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