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In my experience, the single most effective way (and easiest) to fix
stability problems, at any speed, is the Gall alignment. Have you checked
this critical item?

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I have followed the discussion on camber with interest. However, I feel
that it is incomplete. On the conventional Q2 tail dragger with tip gear,
the camber goers more negative as the weight in the cockpit goes up. This
does cause squirrelly control. However, it has little or no impact on take
off because the engine is pulling the aircraft forward reducing the
tendency for the TW is swap ends. On landing, the lift furnished by the
canard reduces the bowing on the canard that causes the negative camber
situation until speed reduces. This explains why all of my ground loops
have been at 25 or less MPH.

Putting in positive camber will reduce the possibility of negative camber
at low speed; however, any camber is going to have an impact on
controllability. Putting in positive camber means that non-neutral camber
is present at high speed, with neutral camber at low speeds. What I would
NOT like would be to have the controllability problem transferred to a
higher speed regime. At 25MPH or less, a ground loop is non-destructive. I
would worry at higher speeds.

Now that I think I have a handle on my problem, I will take appropriate
action, while leaving the camber alone.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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