Re: Stablilty during taxi

Larry Severson

At 12:56 PM 6/27/2005 -0800, you wrote:

Ummmm, I hope I'm misunderstanding your intent, but you don't need +3,
just zero at gross weight. The +3 was a new-construction guideline to make
the wheelpant attachment....

Keep up the good work,

David J. Gall

I am not at the plane, but 3 degrees works out close to 20 to 1. If the
axel is 8 inches, I should be able to drop the outside and raise the
inside (including braking system) each 3/16ths to achieve close to the 3
degrees. This should (?) only move the top of the wheel less than 3/8ths of
an inch outward. Taking off the wheel pants is not a viable option at this
time. Also, I may find the above does not work either with my 500X5 wheels.
I can only do my best.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
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